iUni® G2

The iUni® G2 unicompartmental knee replacement is designed for patients with arthritic damage isolated to either the medial or lateral tibiofemoral compartment of the knee.

Key features:

  1. Available for the medial or lateral compartment
  2. Preserves bone and future surgical options - minimally invasive, minimally traumatic procedure
  3. Precise fit to ensure ROM without impingement or overhang
  4. Designed to sit within ≈1mm of cortical rim to reduce risk of tibial implant subsidence and loosening
  5. Anatomic component alignment to reduce implant wear
  6. Disposable, patient-specific iJig® instrumentation with built-in image guidance
  7. Simple, reproducible surgical technique
  8. Potential for less post-operative pain and shorter post-operative recovery time

The iUni G2 is a unicompartmental knee replacement system designed for patients with osteoarthritic damage limited to either the medial or lateral compartment.

The ConforMIS Unicondylar Knee Replacement System (iUni) is intended for use in one compartment of the osteoarthritic knee to replace the damaged area of the articular surface in patients with evidence of adequate healthy bone sufficient for support of the implanted components.Candidates for unicondylar knee replacement include those with:
  • Painful joint disease due to osteoarthritis, traumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or osteonecrosis of the knee.
  • joint impairment due to osteoarthritis or traumatic arthritis of the knee,
  • previous femoral condyle or tibial plateau fracture, creating loss of function,
  • valgus or varus deformity of the knee,
  • revision procedures provided that anatomic landmarks necessary for alignment and positioning of the implant are identifiable on patient imaging scans.

This implant is intended for cemented use only.

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Personalized Unicompartmental Knee Implant Treats Early Stage Arthritis while Preserving Bone (6:00pm CST)

Dr. Terry Clyburn and Dr. Brian Parsley from Foundation Surgical Hospital in Houston, Texas perform knee replacement surgery using the ConforMIS iUni®, the only patient-specific unicompartmental knee replacement.

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