Educational Module: ConforMIS iTotal Surgical Peer-to-Peer Experience with Clinical Rationale


The only patient-specific total knee replacement system on the market today is the ConforMIS iTotal® G2. Orthopedic surgeons Robert Tait, MD (Vice Chief of Staff at St. Rose Dominican Hospital Siena in Henderson NV) and Brian Parsley, MD (Houston Orthopedics and Spine Hospital in Houston, TX, Clinical Associate Professor at Baylor College of Medicine and President elect of AAHKS) perform surgery and detail the unique advantages of a patient-specific implant versus off-the-shelf systems.

Dr. Tait and Dr. Parsley discuss their iTotal G2 experience and early results.



Brian Parsley

Brian Parsley, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Robert Tait

Robert Tait, MD

Vice Chief of Staff at St Rose Dominican Hospital Siena